Wood Floor Repair

Most do-it-yourself minor wood floor repair  is not as hard as it’s made out to be. As a matter a fact, you can pick up all of your supplies at your local hardware, or big-box type home-improvement stores.

Simply do the following:

picture of wood floor repair

  1. Remove the rotted, worn out hardwood flooring, and thoroughly clean the area.
  2. Level subfloor using floor leveler
  3. Install finished pieces of hardwood strips (see ‘Finishing Wood Strips‘ below). Use 2″ by 1/4″ oak strips for flooring. Also comes in other types of wood such as ash, maple, etc. If piece is too wide …
  4. Trim back using table saw.
  5. Fill any gaps or cracks surrounding your repair area – not between the wood strips.
  6. Clean area.

Your efforts will result in a nice wood floor repair such as the one pictured. Keep in mind that in some cases, you’re simply trying to match the old stain as best you can. Add as many coats of stain as you think you need to in order better match a dark color. Just don’t spend too much time on matching color.

finished hardwood floor repair

Finishing Wood Strips for Wood Floor Repair

Wipe the wood strip completely clean with a dry cloth. Apply stain, and then let dry. Since the strip comes smooth right off the store shelf, there is no need to seal it. Simply apply stain, however many coats are necessary to attain desired (dark or light) shading of color to match original.

Then …

  • Lightly sand any residue left behind by staining
  • Apply polyurethane (gloss, semi-gloss, or satin), and let dry
  • Cut wood floor repair piece to desired length, and install

Note: You may have to trim off a slight part of the edge of your strip. No more than an eight of an inch. Measure how wide the original is, and trim back new piece(s) with table saw for precise cut.

It really is not very hard to get the desired effect when you want to fix any old damaged spots in your hardwood flooring. Minor wood floor repair is easy when you get used to doing the basics with a little practice, and a little patience.