Small Scale Demolition

Sometimes, unlike large remodeling projects, only small scale demolition is required. In these instances, pre-determine what you are going to tear out, and proceed to project the amount of debris you think you will generate.

For instance, if you’re tearing out old bathroom fixtures and completely remodeling your bathroom, you will most certainly need a small dumpster to throw the debris into.

In a smaller demo process however (pictured), you won’t need much in the way of a quick demo. Simply do the following:

small scale demoltion

  1. A wrecking bar for removal
  2. A broom and dustpan to sweep up any granules, bits of drywall or plaster and dust
  3. A 3-mil thick black garbage bag (usualy referred to as “Contractor” bags) to throw the stuff into
  4. A shop-vac vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose granules and dust.

Oh … and don’t forget to wear protective eyewear, leather work gloves, and even a mask to put over your face, because you will cause some dust to get into the air.


Lay some thick plastic, contractor paper, or cardboard down on the flooring to help protect the surface from falling chunks of plaster, drywall dust, etc.