General Repairs

Reference for a variety of repair items and tips

HFH looks at small to medium size general repairs that you might come across in your house flipping adventure. The following links identify specific problem areas and how to go about finding a solution. These are the fixes that have done well for us over the years, but are by know means the final word on how to fix something. If you got some time and want to do-it-yourself, we hope this information is useful to you.

Note: This page is under constant upgrading. New solutions will be posted as they are written. If you have a useable suggestion for us, please contact us with your suggestion. If we think it’s worthwhile, we’ll add it as time permits.

Remodeling Demolition

Plaster Repair

Patching Drywall

Small Drywall Repair

How to Skim Coat Drywall

Wet Sanding Drywall

Screen Repair