Remodeling Tip

Great tips for the finish aspect of your project

A great remodeling tip that many people seem to overlook during the course of a renovation, is the subtle, yet glaring (in our opinion) way some house painters do not tape off door knobs, light receptacles, and other such hardware when painting.

It may seem somewhat picky, but you are spending a lot of money, and you should get great work in return – no matter the type of work being done.

It should be no big deal. Simply ask the painter to tape off all hardware before painting. Better yet, ask him/her to remove said hardware, and replace upon completion. Some painters may balk, but the real professionals are doing this as part of their job anyway.

This particular remodeling tip will result in a clean and beautiful finishing touch that people will notice. It’s certainly better than the alternative where people will definitely (but quietly) notice paint smears all over the doorknobs.

More Remodeling Tips


  • Fresh Coat of Paint
    Make sure all walls and trim work (doors too) have a fresh coat of paint, and not sporadic touch-up. (See house painting tips for more details).
  • Receptacle/Light Switch Plates
    Replace all plates that are broken/chipped, painted-over, or inconsistent color types.
  • Receptacles/Light Switches
    In the same context as replacing old wall plates, replace broken and/or painted-over receptacles and light switches. Better yet, replace all older-type receptacles in favor of the more modern ground plug receptacle. This is a code requirement for all housing nowadays anyway.
  • When you do your final clean, make sure that everything is meticulously cleaned – and done well. To give you an example of what people charge to do a full final-clean in the new house construction industry, $0.15/square foot may be an average figure to be expected to pay.
    Now granted, you’re house may or may not be as dirty and cluttered as a house that’s been under construction, but we merely put the cost in here to show you how much you might expect to pay if you hire someone to do it for you.
  • Mini-Blinds
    Install new mini-blinds in all windows to help give the window a clean, finished look. Mini-blinds are inexpensive, efficient, and adds a nice finishing touch for any windows.
  • Lighting
    Make sure all light bulbs are in good working order.


  • Landscaping
    Keep it simple. Don’t overdo it with expensive ornamental bushes and shrubs that won’t compliment the style of house and the overall image of the neighborhood. Remember, when you landscape, you are also trying to blend in nicely with the rest of the houses on the street. Realtors refer to this as good “curb appeal”.
  • Mail Box
    Install a simple, yet understated mail box in a matte (flat), or a shiny brass finish.
  • Door Bell
    Make sure you have a working doorbell at front, and back doors. Also, see that the front stoop/porch, and rear porch/deck area is well-lit.
  • Address Numbers
    Install large, easy-to-see address numbers near the front door.