Portable Bathrooms


Portable bathrooms are mandatory for new construction areas as well as remodeling projects where restroom facilities are not presently located, or functioning.

In some states, porta-potties are in fact required for any type of construction or remodel site regardless of access to facilities.

If you have a remodeling project that will take several weeks (see whole house remodeling), you probably think about renting one of these things for your crews to use.

It simply makes life easier for your construction crews to use instead of the alternative – which is bad for everyone involved.

The best time to put one on site, is when you’ll have workers there doing their jobs for the balance of the day, every day. Keep it on site until your plumbing is set and ready to go. Be sure to consult with your plumbing contractor to have a good feel for when this should happen.

Rentals are generally on a weekly, or monthly basis.