Kitchen Cabinets

A look at popular off-the-shelf type models found at many big box home improvement stores

Your choice of kitchen cabinets (along with the countertop) go a long way toward defining the basic tone of a kitchen remodel, and the whole house for that matter. Considering that since this is the room where people spend a significant amount of their time in, you definitely want to make a good impression on the prospective home buyer.

The good news is that there are quite a lot of high-quality products on the market from various cabinet manufacturers. Go to any home improvement store and you’ll see what I mean.

You can install custom-made cabinets from local cabinet shops if you choose, but know that can get very costly. What we suggest, is go to one of the large homestores to see what’s available. Usually these stores tend to carry a large selection, both in stock cabinets, and special order (read pricier) cabinetry.

The great thing about these large home improvement type stores is that you can select from a wide range of quality cabinetry that is already in stock and ready to go out the door. That, in itself, is very attractive for a person flipping a house (and one who is used to tight budgets) to begin with.

What we’ve chosen to do is take a look at unfinished oak, finished red oak, white, and maple finished cabinets with corresponding prices to give you an idea of the cabinet price and qualitative differences available. Any of these in-stock cabinets would look great in many homes in most any type of neighborhood. When you add a beautiful countertop to compliment the color scheme, you really can’t go wrong.

Obviously, for homes in up-scale neighborhoods, you’ll probably want pricier cabinets with more ornate countertops. But as previously stated, for the money, stock cabinetry is an option you must investigate for your house flip. No time periods waiting for your cabinets to be made and shipped when special ordering. Just purchase, and install.

Unfinished Oak Kitchen Cabinets

This inexpensive type of cabinet generally has flat-paneled doors and is usually constructed of 1/2″ particle board on the bottom and sides with a prefinished oak or maple vinyl interior. You can paint or stain them yourself, or simply let them remain unfinished (which looks just fine). Features include euro (concealed) styled hinges and self-adjusting, steel drawer glides for smooth rolling action.

unfinished 36 cabinet

A 24″ cabinet is priced at $80 while this 36″ base cabinet (pictured) is priced around $110.

60 unfinished sink base cabinet

This 60″ sink base cabinet is around $180.

You can also choose many other cabinets in the unfinished style such as corner, drawer, and wall units as well.

Finished Oak/All White Kitchen Cabinets

As cabinets move up in price it’s usually a sign of better construction using solid wood parts as opposed to particle board. This is what you will typically find in finished red oak or the all-white kitchen cabinets such as the ones pictured here.

finished oak cabinet 60 white sink base cabinet

You’ll notice that these kitchen cabinets will generally feature the following:

  • Decorative raised-panel doors
  • Drawer boxes made for heavy duty use
  • Scratch resistant cabinet interiors
  • Concealed adjustable hinges
  • Durable surface finish
24 white base cabinet 60 sink base cabinet

We wanted to show you finished red oak together with the white finish because the prices and cabinet construction are generally very similar. For example, look for the 24″ base cabinet to be around $145 for either finish, and for the large 60″ sink base cabinet around $255 for either the white or Red Oak.

Maple Finish Kitchen Cabinets

Maple kitchen cabinet Drawer Base Maple

Maple cabinets (pictured) are like the all-white or red oak cabinets with respect to quality, but not price.

White hard maple or cherry finish on cabinetry has always been considered to be more expensive. This is true even for stock cabinetry, as you can see the cost for a 24″ base cabinet in maple is $170 as compared to the $145 price tag on the red oak or white finished cabinets. The 18″ maple drawer base is approximately $200 as compared to $185 for the same 18″ unit in oak. If you want maple or cherry finished cabinets, you’ll have to add on about 15% – 25% more in your budget.