Ice Maker Outlet Box

Consider installing an ice maker outlet box whenever you are in the process of remodeling the kitchen for your house flip. You can install it yourself, or better yet, have a professional plumber install it for you.

Whatever you do, however, install it during your rough remodel phase before you finish the drywall and add the trimwork.

You definitely do not want to go back and install the box (and line) after the wall is painted.

It’s a smart thing to do for a few good reasons.

ice maker outlet box

  • Conceals all that water line in the wall where it should be
  • The newest boxes are of excellent quality allowing for ease of use (and repair if needed) with quick-release couplings
  • Adds a streamlined, finished look to the kitchen. (Yeah, we know you probably won’t ever see the box with the refrigerator in the way, but it still does look really nice.)