House Flipping Web Sites

Please feel free to click on any of the fine remodeling and house flipping web sites listed within the following categories.

Here you will find hand-picked (by me) links to sites that offer excellent information, tips, product analysis, how-to information, and much more all related to the acquisition, renovation, and selling of houses for profit. Note:
This page is constantly growing with additional information from new link partners every month.

The HousePainting Guru
Excellent, no-nonsense tips and information to help getting your interior or exterior house painting project moving in the right direction.

House Painting Guide
House painting tips and advice to achieve lasting results. Learn about every aspect of house painting with Carl Krowder’s online guide, including how to choose paint colors, surface preparation, and application techniques for your project.

Home design ideas and free home design tips. Learn the secrets of a beautiful and affordable home design.

Home Appliance Kitchen Aids
How to save money on kitchen and home appliance repairs. Valuable money saving information about household appliances, from cookers and refrigerators, air conditioning and dishwashers to microwaves, all the best practical advice on looking after your valuable kitchen aids and equipment.
Supplier of energy efficient lighting products and services to help combat rising energy costs. Lower Costs = Higher Profits.

Ceiling Fan Ratings and Reviews
Expert advice and ceiling fan ratings of Hampton, Hunter, Emerson, Ellington, Monte carlo and more. We review, research and find the best ceiling fan with you, the customer, in mind.