Home Remodeling Cost

In the process of determining an average home remodeling cost, you’ve no doubt already run up against a few things that you probably hadn’t thought of previously.

If, for example, you were to upgrade your kitchen, you would find that in addition to normal remodeling issues such as cabinet replacement, flooring, plumbing, etc., there are a host of other costs ranging from the development of your project’s early planning stage, all the way to the structural and finish stages that require your undivided attention.

Those ‘Other’ Costs

As far as what an actual home remodeling cost might entail, it could be broken out into two basic groups. In Group One would be the preliminary “paperwork” and on-going time management costs associated with most renovations. Things such as:

Architectural/Draftsman Renderings
The use of draftsman and/or architects do not come cheap for your particular home remodeling cost. Along with their time and expertise, you add in the price of multiple sets of blueprints or general drawings to be printed, and you could ring up a sizeable tab. Expect to pay a minimum of several $100’s and up (can easily be several $1000’s) for their services.

remodeling costs


If you use a home-equity loan, for example, you’ll be making minimum monthly payments. Depending on total amount used, payments could be anywhere from $200 per month, and up

If you are expanding and knocking out walls, and/or erecting new walls, you will need to get a building permit from your local governmental permitting agency. $30 – $150.

Personal Time Invested
Many people overlook this type of expense if they manage the job themselves, because it simply doesn’t occur to them that their time is actually worth something (such as in this particular type of scenario), or, they might think that their time is just ‘part of the job’. Put a cost in for your time because it’s just as valuable as any other professional associated with the project. $25 – $35 per hour


Though there is no average home remodeling “cost” associated with it, you will be inconvenienced for a period of time if your personal residence (as opposed to a house flip) is being remodeled. The stress level can rise dramatically if renovation stretches into weeks or even months. Give some thought to how you and your family will deal with this situation.

And in Group Two, you would have the normal cost of home remodeling associated with specific room upgrades.

If, for example, you were to remodel the kitchen (as mentioned above), you should not only project the cost of replacing the cabinets and counter tops, flooring, etc., but the additional home remodeling costs of demolition and disposal of debris, in addition to updating the plumbing and electricity, drywall installation and finishing, and painting, to name a few.

When projecting an accurate home remodeling cost is crucial (especially in bottom-line projects such as house flipping), you will need to have a solid budget and remodeling plan in place. Do your best to stay on budget and within your scheduling time frames. If you do this with little variance, your project should flow efficiently and reasonably well.

Specific Room Remodels

Please click on the following links to more detailed home remodeling cost information for specific room remodels. Within those pages you will see what you might expect to pay within a general cost range using stock products found in most home-improvement stores, as well as customized applications like tiled floors and solid-wood cabinetry.

Whether you’re remodeling a master bath, a full kitchen, or anywhere else in the house, beautiful upgrades are certainly possible using such stock products.

Remodeling the Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen upgrade will significantly add to any home, as this is one of, if not the most important room in the house. Please go to our Kitchen Remodeling Costs page for a more detailed assessment of the actual remodeling process as well as the costs involved.

With more and more fine building materials being used in such things as counter tops, to more efficient designs in kitchen cabinets, you’re home style choices for the kitchen are becoming more and more available

Remodeling The Bathroom

Another very important room(s) in the house, the bathroom is a place where people spend a considerable amount of time in, day in and day out. It only makes sense to make this room extremely comfortable an functional, with some style thrown in for good measure.

Please see the Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom page for more enlightening details.

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