Dumpster Permit

Before you can locate a dumpster on your premises, you’ll most likely have to obtain a dumpster permit.

In most municipalities, local code enforcement requires anyone who is going to tear out significant amounts of debris (that would require a large container such as a dumpster), to get permission to do so for location on the property itself (up in the yard), on the street in front, to the side of, or on the rear of the premises.

It’s always a good idea to go and get a permit at your local city government office for construction permits right away so that you will be in compliance from the start of your project.


While you’re there, inquire as to the instructions for obtaining a building permit for your interior renovation if you haven’t already done so.


By obtaining a permit for your dumpster, you’re doing two things:

  1. you’re following the rules as they apply to an orderly demol process, and
  2. letting the neighbors know that you are serious about your project in doing things the right (and safe) way.

Locating the Dumpster

  • After you’ve obtained you’re container, look for the best possible place to put it relative to your demolition process. In other words, put it nearest the point where you will logically exit the house to dump your material.
  • Post your dumpster permit in a window of the house so that it can be plainly seen and read by anyone.
  • If you plan on leaving the dumpster there on premises for several weeks, obtain the correct allowance by clearly stating your intention (of leaving it there) at the time you obtain it.
  • Post “No Parking” signs on either side of the dumpster to avoid any debris mishaps with other people’s cars who might otherwise park right next to your container
  • Post “No Dumping” signs on the container so nobody will (hopefully) abuse the the sight of an empty dumpster that you are paying for.