Drywall Calculator

picture of finished drywall

The following drywall calculator is for the estimation of the necessary materials for drywall installation and finishing.

Be aware, however, that you do not need to use all of the materials listed.

It is simply indicated for anyone wishing to use a particular type of product for their application. Use only what you need, and disregard the rest.

Panel Coverage Area
(in square feet)

Panel Size

4′ x 8′
4′ x 9′
4′ x 10′
4′ x 11′ 4′ x 12′
4′ x 13′
4′ x 14′
4′ x 15′
4′ x 16′  

Number of Panels Needed:


Drywall Mud:
joint compound

ready-mixed all purpose joint compound

(quick-drying) joint compound


Lightweight Setting-Type
joint compound


Types of Fasteners:

Drywall Nails
Drywall Screws
You Will Also Need:
Drywall Joint Tape feet
Primer (to seal drywall) gallons
Drywall Adhesive (29oz.tubes)