Carpet Installation Prices

Want to save some extra money on total carpet installation prices?

The first thing you need to do is, check prices around town at a few remnant stores, or a large warehouse-type discount store where prices are considerably cheaper than the ‘first quality’ stores you find in pricier shopping districts.

In most cases, these remnants might have a slight defect in their manufacture, rendering them unsuitable for the high dollar stores.

The thing is, you really can’t see any defects that jump out you, and if there are some obvious ones you might notice, they’re probably not too big a deal anyway. Major manufacturers are represented at many remnant and discount stores around the country, so you know you’ll get a pretty good deal.

installing carpet

The second thing you need to do is, hire the installer yourself. Ask for the phone number of their best one or two installers. The salesperson might balk at that request (as providing carpet installation constitutes a money-making service for them), and try to steer you away from you doing the install, so they can do it. They have a nice mark-up in it, and really don’t want give up the installation. But it’s something that is easy to coordinate yourself.

Set Up Installation

Here’s what you do:

  • Set up a time for the installer to come out to your house and measure the room(s). It’s important you let him do it as will be responsible for measurement accuracy.
  • Have him give you the exact measurements for the carpet. You take these measurements to the store and pay the total cost of the carpet, pad (if needed), and any gripper (metal finish pieces).
  • Set up time for installation
  • Once he is done, have him invoice you directly, and not the store. Make sure he understands this arrangement from the start of the job.

Cost to Install Carpet

In most cases, base carpet installation prices do not include removal and disposal of the old carpet. That will cost extra, as will any installation of new pad.

Depending on the type (plush, berber, etc.) of carpet being installed, the average base carpet installation price will fall between $3.50 to $6 per square yard. Be sure to let the installer know ahead of time what kind of carpet you’re using.

Add an extra 50¢ per sq.yd. to take up, and dispose of the old carpet, and, an extra 50¢ per sq.yd. to lay new pad.

And Speaking of Pad …

A good pad underneath your carpet will enhance the life and add to a nice “feel” under foot as you walk. Selecting an adequate pad will add life and wear-ability to the carpet.

  • If pad is too thin, then the carpet is likely to wear out faster.
  • If pad is too thick, then you’re likely to experience a rippling effect more over time as too-thick padding results in carpet being hard to stretch when being installed. Select a pad that is not too firm, or spongy. And never lay new pad over old pad. All these things can greatly increase your carpet installation prices.


Density, as it relates to padding, is rated at so many pounds per cubic foot. For example, a six pound rebond pad would weigh 6 pounds per cubic foot. It is recommended to use a pad of 6.5 pounds at 3/8 inch (thickness) for areas of high traffic. For lighter traffic, use 5 pounds, 3/8 inch pad.