Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Good bathroom remodeling tips are like adding a little extra money to the bottom line of your project budget. Any little edge you create that will enable the renovation to move faster and prove ultimately to be more efficient in it’s intended application, then you have a winner. The following bathroom remodeling tips are but a few that we have seen over the years to be quite helpful.

Useful Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Do all necessary demo work at the beginning of the remodel. That way, you will have everything you don’t want out of the way and out of your hair. Don’t demo the kitchen on an ‘as is’ basis. Do it all at the beginning. And, always keep the area clean of all debris after any demo, or even a small tear-out. You simply can work and maneuver better in an uncluttered environment.

Floor Replacement
If you are replacing old worn-out vinyl on the bathroom floor, always remove the toilet to allow easier vinyl replacement. This will, essentially, do two things:

  • Install the new vinyl in one piece, as opposed to cutting (and trying to) seamlessly refit the cut edges together. This can result in a sloppy looking job, and will most likely curl up at the edges in short order.
  • While the toilet is removed, throw away the old wax ring, clean around the flange, put in a new wax ring, and reinstall the toilet. If you had any leakage problem before (which is why you’re probably replacing the floor in the first place), you are taking the proper steps to correct it. Consult with a qualified plumber for details.

picture of tiled shower wall

Water-Resistant Wall Protection
Have a skilled worker (tile professional) install concrete backer board directly behind the shower and/or tub area. Whether a one-piece tub shower assembly (or a modular shower wall system) fits your needs, a custom-tiled shower wall surround (like the one pictured), or a stand-alone shower enclosure is more your preference, you will know that having put in place the correct backing will ensure water-resistant protection from any type of potential water leak damage, or water seepage that can can occur gradually over time.

In the not-to-distant past, ordinary drywall “greenboard” was the rage, but that too has proven to be insufficient at resisting moisture at any level.

Exhaust Fan
A necessary (but seemingly overlooked) bathroom remodeling tip, is to always install a bathroom exhaust fan to keep moisture from collecting on the walls and ceilings. This one step will go a long way toward preserving the structural integrity of the framing support, as well as the walls and ceilings themselves. Helps to greatly reduce the incidence of black mold formation too. Consider installing a higher-rated (room capacity) fan than can move a large volume of air out of the room faster. Might be a little more expensive, but well worth it if for nothing more than a quiet sound.

Sketch Floor Plan
After all demo work is done, and the room is cleaned up, grab a marker (or chalk) and get ready to do some drawing. Sketch out on the floor the basic location of the fixtures and vanity cabinet to get a good feel as to how the room size meshes with what you want to install, and where. Don’t be surprised if you end up rearranging the room a few times.

Install GFIs
All installed electrical outlets should be GFI (ground fault interrupted) rated to prevent accidental electrocution.

Do the necessary priming and finish painting to the wall and ceiling (if painted) immediately after drywall installation, before you set any fixtures and cabinets in place.

  • By doing the painting before, a simple touch-up will be all that is needed for completion.
  • Consider using oil-based primer on the walls and trim to facilitate a better water-resistant finish. See our house painting page for more detailed information.

Use Professional Mechanical Installers
When any plumbing or electrical work is needed, get a professional to do these things not only for the obvious safety aspect, but for the necessary code requirements that pertain to most all remodeling projects from the mundane, to the exotic.

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